A lifestyle unbound by preconceived ideas.
Timeless, elegant, and comfortable.

Hitoshi Saruta's inspirations take form in two brands with different concepts.

Hitoshi Saruta's style is described as 'space that is comfortable but modern and elegant, perfectly blended with a Zen mindfulness.' This style can be seen consistently in both brands.

CUBO design architects is Hitoshi Saruta's brand for clients who wish to live their life in accordance with who they really are, and pursue a lifestyle unbound by preconceived ideas. CUBO design architects is Hitoshi Saruta's casual architectural brand.

The HITOSHI SARUTA concept brings affluence, universal comfort and creativity with no boundaries for architecture. It is the international flagship brand for clients with bases across the world.

Photo: K.Kurigami

Hitoshi Saruta's philosophy is 'beautiful architecture does not change with time, rather it should become more attractive as the years pass by.'


From luxury homes, compact residences, and commercial projects, view the different concepts that express the same philosophy in both brands. We work on projects in Japan, as well as globally through our international alliances with design firms around the world.

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    The Circus

    Treasured time with cars hidden away in a secret hideout

    Chiba, Japan

    “Spending time with cars” is the concept behind this vacation house intended as a fun retreat for a car-loving client and friends. In contrast to a typical house with a built-in garage, the aim here was to blur the boundaries between people, cars, and rooms in a rela...

    Vacation House / 312.49 sq. meter / Structure: Wooden /

  • C4L thumbnail


    Collaboration with 7 renowned traditional Japanese craftsman for the creation of a model home

    Tokyo, Japan

  • J project thumbnail

    J project

    Where time flows with comfort and elegance


  • Hakone-guchi Garage (Renovation) thumbnail

    Hakone-guchi Garage (Renovation)

    A recreational space for the local citizens

    Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan

  • T3 thumbnail


    Elegant Japanese style residence for an European artist

    Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

  • M4 thumbnail


    Traditional design and dramatic interior architecture

    Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

  • cnest thumbnail


    Project with an elevation gap of 14m and inclination angle of 70 degrees

    Oiso, Kanagawa, Japan


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