A lifestyle unbound by preconceived ideas.
Timeless, elegant, and comfortable.


J project - Where time flows with comfort and elegance

J project

Where time flows with comfort and elegance


Hitoshi Saruta

  • Type: Individual
  • Total floor area: 630 sq. meter
  • Design: Architectural

A residential project for a couple. An area with a warm and peaceful climate.

The request was the creation with concepts of minimalism and sophistication incorporating sense of Japanese Zen.

The plot area is vast, but situated in a residential area with neighboring houses in close vicinity.

The plan was designed with an open air atmosphere and at the same time ensuring privacy.

Each area was created with a feeling of spaciousness. A pool and fitness room were included, as well as an open terrace for enjoying outdoor BBQs.

The design proposal centered around the concept of an everlasting time of comfort and relaxation, and the realization of a calm and peaceful lifestyle.

Type Individual
Design Architectural
Location Japan
Site area 5300 sq. meter
Total floor area 630 sq. meter

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